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CLAC is a Canadian union that has been helping workers in Canada for almost 70 years, and around the world for more than 40. Based on values of respect, dignity, and fairness, CLAC is committed to building better workplaces, better communities, and better lives. 

 Through the CLAC Foundation, our efforts and ability to aid struggling workers and their families have expanded. CLAC, our many members, our signatory companies, and others can come together to make a difference in the lives of workers in Canada and around the world.

Together, we can fund training for the homeless and new immigrants so they can enter or re-enter the workplace. We can help tradespeople and their families in areas hit by natural disasters. We can provide aid to workers suffering dangerous working conditions. The CLAC Foundation is operated by an independent board of volunteers.

Our mission

We exist to enable individual and community transformation through positive, rewarding and fulfilling work. 

Our vision

By 2025, we want to be known for:   

  • Advancing the work of our domestic partners 
  • Advancing the well-being of marginalized individuals and families through access to work 
  • Advancing the capacity and resilience of collective worker action internationally that advocates for better work and working conditions 

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Slide deck of the CLAC Foundation's work
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2022 Annual Report of the CLAC Foundation
Together, we can fund training for the homeless and new immigrants so they can enter or re-enter the workplace.
A young homeless couple smiling at for the photo.

Our approach

 In Canada, we break down barriers to meaningful employment for marginalized workers – especially newcomers to Canada and those at risk for or experiencing homelessness.   

we support collective worker action that advances worker rights and justice in the workplace.   

We achieve our mission by advancing the principles of CLAC through:  

  • Collaboration with community-based partnerships  
  • Funding skills training and education
  • Connecting the marginalized and new immigrants with jobs  
  • Supporting organizations and that educate and equip workers to effect collective worker action that will advance worker rights and workplace justice 
  • Develop

    Partnering with others to create innovative and sustainable training and employment programs.

  • Train

    Providing the skills and safety training individuals need to gain meaningful employment.

  • Empower

    Giving individuals and communities the tools they need to take control of their careers and their lives.