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CLAC Foundation Joins the Canada Cares Campaign

October 6, 2020

CLAC Foundation Joins the Canada Cares Campaign

The CLAC Foundation has joined forces with charities and other partners in the charitable sector to support the Canada Cares Campaign, a digital initiative mobilizing citizens to call for the federal government to implement a one-to-one matching funds program.

Canada’s charities have stepped up in a big way through out the pandemic. Amid dark clouds of despair and uncertainty, they have been a ray of hope. Organizations from coast to coast have met the country’s urgent call to help, from food banks working tirelessly so members of their communities don’t miss a meal, to charities ensuring that Canadians are taking care of their mental health as much as their physical health.

Unfortunately, since the onset of the pandemic, charities have experienced significant declines in revenue as donation rates drop. That is why we are asking for your support in our advocacy. Research has shown that through a matching funds program, donations can increase by 20 percent. Canada’s charities are not asking for a handout—they are asking for a hand up.

By signing up for the Canada Cares Campaign, you can help ensure that your voice is heard in Ottawa. This is your chance to let the government know how a donation-matching program will help charities in your community.

Through the campaign’s digital platform, Canadians from allover the country can send customizable emails to their member of Parliament and other politicians, including Prime Minister Trudeau. With a diverse set of voices speaking up, MPs and decision makers will be compelled to pay attention and act.

Every day counts when it comes to ensuring Canada’s charities can survive COVID-19 and support the country’s recovery efforts. With your help, we can get the campaign off to a strong start and build nation wide support for the creation of a one-to-one matching funds program.

Help ensure the future of Canada’s charities and get involved by signing up today. Together we will get through the challenges ahead and work toward meeting our potential as a generous nation.