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CLAC Foundation to the Rescue

The CLAC Foundation donated $5,000 in mid-2020 to the Wood Buffalo Food Bank and $36,000 of emergency relief to the CDWP through WOW.
January 27, 2021

CLAC Foundation to the Rescue

The CLAC Foundation donated $5,000 in mid-2020 to the Wood Buffalo Food Bank, which serves the Fort McMurray area. It was damaged during last spring’s massive flooding in the northern Alberta city, and had to move, while still serving many people affected by the natural disaster.   CLAC staff in Fort McMurray volunteer at theFood Bank and suggested the donation to CLAC’s charitable foundation.  They were able to drop off the cheque in person.

“We couldn’t support our community without the support of others,” says Dan Edwards, food bank executive director. “Thank you so much to the CLAC Foundation for dropping off a donation to help us.” 

That flooding caused over $228 million in insured damages—and more for those not insured. Close to 13,000 people had to leave their homes in late April when an ice jam formed on the Athabasca River and caused water levels to rise, flooding the entire downtown area. 

Many of those affected were CLAC Local 301 members employed by twoSave-On-Foods stores in the city. The downtown store was completely flooded and had to close. 

The CLAC Foundation channelled funding to 19 members, who received $500to $2,000, depending on need. In total, CLAC provided $22,500 to members through its foundation. 

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, members of the Confederation of Democratic Workers of the Philippines (CDWP), a member of the World Organization of Workers (WOW)—of which CLAC is also a member—were suffering after months without work due to the pandemic. These are street vendors and day labourers in the informal economy, without contracts, benefits, or sick time. With no work, no savings, and little government help, they had difficulty just feeding their families. 

In response, the CLAC Foundation sent $36,000 of emergency relief to theCDWP through WOW. A number of other WOW members also contributed to the relief fund. 

“This help will go a long way for our affected members,” says NecieLucero, CDWP secretary general. “You are all heaven-sent in extending yourhelp. Thank you for your compassion.”